Episode 0049-Raw Vegan Radio- To Vegan To Raw Vegan: Is There A Difference?

February 21, 2008


Raw Food? Meat? Vegan? Vegetarian? What really is the best diet? What can YOU do to help save the environment?

On today’s show, we feature two exclusive interviews featuring Hollywood actor and Environmental Activist Ed Begley Jr. (Six Feet Under, Spinal Tap) as well as filmmaker Mike Fields, star of “Vegan 2 Raw Vegan”. Mike’s film won second place for Most Entertaining at the Raw Food Lifestyle Film Festival. He is offering a special discount on his video ONLY for listeners of Raw Vegan Radio. Follow this link to order your discount copy of the video.

Turning up at Hollywood events on his bicycle, driving to high-powered meetings in an electric car, and selling environmentally friendly products in his Begley’s Best line, Ed Begley Jr. has long been considered an environmental leader

In the Hollywood community. Ed’s work in the environmental community has earned him a number of awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and The Coalition for Clean Air. When not powering his toaster with a stationary bike, Ed’s day job as an acclaimed, award-winning actor includes roles on television, (Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, the classic St. Elsewhere, among others), in movies (For Your Consideration, A Mighty Wind, Best In Show, Batman Forever, also among others) and on the stage. Ed lives with his family near Los Angeles in a self-sufficient home powered by solar energy.

Mike Fields inadvertently became involved in health education by spreading his passion and enthusiasm about the benefits of juicing and a plant based diet to friends, co-workers and anyone else within earshot.

A few years earlier, he was worse than typical take-out junkie.

Although skinny all his meat eating life, the decades of burgers, fries and fizzy drinks had caught up with Mike and his waistline. His knees could no longer function for more than a few hundred feet without serious pain. He suffered mood swings, arthritis and frequently had heart palpitations all in his 20s.

After making many incremental changes, Mike lost 12 Inches from his belly, and could do walks again. Spreading the word about these changes saw him becoming a distributor for juicing machines and other products. Things expanded from there.

Having transitioned from vegetarian, to vegan and often raw, he and his wife Kathy they were working on a book about how people over any type of illness, regardless of condition or method of cure. They found a massively disproportionate number of raw success stories.

So the idea for the film emerged, is there any difference between vegan and raw vegan? Mike went 100% raw and documented the changes with a doctor and a fitness trainer. The raw movement in New Zealand is in its infancy so he had to scour the country to find and interview anyone who knew about raw food. What he discovered a loose network of ardent and interesting characters.

The film Vegan 2 Raw Vegan premiered at the first raw food film festival the film came in at second place for most entertaining. The documentary is a very honest account of detoxing, family freaking out about going raw, the highs, lows and the funny things that happen to pretty much anyone who goes raw vegan.

Mike and Kathy are now enjoying raising their first baby, whose conception was discovered during the film. They operate Vibrant Life NZ which run seminars in New Zealand and have hosted visits by Sergei Boutenko, Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch. Mike is currently working on raising finance to make another film, dispelling myths around fitness and the ultimate raw food question Where do you get your protein from?


Episode 0048-Raw Vegan Radio-The Veil To Heal: Death, Grief, and Communication Beyond The Pale with Linda Drake

February 5, 2008

On today’s show, an exclusive interview with Linda Drake, an intuitive life path healer, uses her gift for channeling souls on the Other Side to help the bereaved find comfort and healing. In our exclusive interview, she shares powerful, true stories that underscore vital lessons in accepting loss, coping with grief, understanding death, and reconnecting with life.

In this fascinating interview, you’ll learn about how to communicate with loved ones who have passed over in spirit, the death and grieving process, and how to live according to the true laws of attraction. In addition, we interview Steven McCrory, one of the visionary minds behind the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles February 8th-11th.

Become united with the wisdom of the universe, as Linda Drake channels messages from the group consciousness of Abraham. Abraham is a group of highly evolved beings that work for God bringing empowerment and awareness to humanity. Their messages of guidance for your life are given in a simple yet unique way. As a teacher for humanity, Abraham’s purpose is to support you in accomplishing all that you came to achieve in this lifetime. In this interactive workshop you will receive essential life-changing guidance. The Masters and beings that Linda works with will bring phenomenal healing energy to your physical, emotional and spiritual existence. As Abraham shares their tools of empowerment, you will discover how very powerful you are at creating the life you desire. Learn to release the negative patterns of your past as you transform your thought patterns to align with your highest good.