Episode 0061-Raw Vegan Radio- Health with Herbs, Superfoods, and Raw Foods with Jameth Sheridan

September 24, 2008

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with Jameth Sheridan of Healthforce Nutritionals.  Jameth shares years of scientific study to help sort out the tools needed for ultimate health.  Jameth provides evidence for using herbs and superfoods to attain levels of health never before imagined. 
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Episode 0060-Raw Vegan Radio-Secrets of a Sexy Raw Superhero with Jasmine Scalesciani

September 2, 2008

On today’s show, we feature our first episode to air on Green 960 AM, San Francisco radio with our special guest, world-renowned health expert and raw food author Jasmine Scalesciani (author of the new must-read book “Sexy Raw Superhero: Secrets to a Vibrantly Alive Perfect Body”).

Jasmine Scalesciani, is a certified clinical nutritionist, leading educator, Raw Food Lifestyle expert, and author of the Sexy Raw Book Series. She consults with clients internationally and offers nutritional consultations, weight-loss programs, classes, retreats, and raw gourmet catering across the United States and in Switzerland.

Jasmine’s practice has grown exponentially worldwide due to her true holistic vision and approach to health and healing. She has received her certification in clinical Nutrition from NHI, is also a certified Life Coach, and holds 2 M.A.’s, one in Spiritual Psychology, and the other in Energy Medicine. She is also a certified practitioner for The Work of Byron Katie.

Jasmine is fluent in 5 languages and presently resides in Los Angeles.
Her book Sexy Raw Superhero, Secrets to a Vibrantly Alive Perfect Body is available through her website:

Book 2 in the series, Sexy Raw Planet is due out February 09

To learn more about her online programs, services, and to purchase your copy of the Sexy Raw™ book series visit

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