Episode 0074-Raw Vegan Radio-Low-Fat Raw Foods with Frederic Patenaude

June 1, 2009

Today we feature an exclusive interview with Frederic Patenaude discussing the benefits of lowering your fat while eating a raw food diet.

We’ll shows you:

>>>The Raw Truth about different variations on the raw food diet
>>>The concept behind following a low-fat raw food diet
>>>Physical, spiritual, mental changes on raw food
>>>Delicious, simple, low-fat raw food entrees that ANYONE can create
>>>Sample diet plans

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Frederic Patenaude has been a raw-foodist since 1998.  Since then has published more than 5 books and over 30 different courses on the subject, including his best-seller “The Raw Secrets”.

In addition to writing about the raw-food diet to his list of 20,000 readers, Frederic also teaches Internet Marketing and travels to tropical climes whenever possible to avoid the brutal Canadian winters. Check out Fred’s Simple Low-Fat Raw Food DVD Set and get a special DVD for free, available ONLY to Raw Vegan Radio’s listeners!


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