Episode 0086-RVR- The Emotional Connection to Foods with Tera Warner

February 23, 2010

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with entrepreneur and detox diva Tera Warner of  The Wish Summit.

You’ll discover:
>>the connection between emotions and eating
>>the truth about raw food and overall health
>>How The Wish Summit can change your life forever
>>What everyone needs to know about the opposite sex to create a balanced relationship

Tera Warner is an online entrepreneur with a knack for developing projects that empower and inspire women. On the winds of her words, she carries a message reminding women to move beyond the size of their hips, or the shape of their hair and asks them to rekindle forgotten dreams and unleash their potential.

She’s dedicated her life to busting the barriers that keep people from achieving the level of health and vitality they’re looking for. and having worked with tens of thousands of women (and a few courageous men) in all corners of the globe, her trademark is an unparalleled ability and willingness to support women in achieving transformation through dietary change and a positive outlook on life.


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  2. Jasmine Bee on March 17th, 2010 6:56 am

    Hey Steve,

    I was just listening to the podcast with Terra Warner, i know its a bit late!! but I was so excited to hear about the WISH Summit, but gutted to find out that it was on the 8th March which was 10 days ago now
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do you know where I could get access/ and listen to these calls?

    p.s. I really enjoy your shows, you have the most amazing and inspirational people on the show, and you yourself are a great host! and ask all the right questions! love rawveganradio!! …x

    Thank you
    Jasmine Bee

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