Episode 0090- RVR- Reverse Aging with Markus Rothkranz

April 28, 2010

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with charismatic raw food leader Markus Rothkranz.

You’ll discover:

** The keys to a Super Sharp Mind, Memory, Optimistic Mood, and Boundless Energy.

** The Truth about Health and Looking Great.

** How to Turn your Body into a Sculpted Sexy Masterpiece by Summer.

** What the Raw “Gurus” are Afraid to Admit- Exclusive here!

Having healed himself of multiple life-threatening illnesses, Markus Rothkranz is living proof how amazing life can be when we take matters into our own hands. It really works. Markus looks younger at 47 than he did when he was 27. His motion pictures, DVDs and lectures strike a chord in all cultures around the globe. Emails pour in daily as a testimony to how many lives he has touched. It’s all about awakening the planet to a new way of living in body, mind and spirit. The only way to heal the planet is to heal ourselves first, and Markus shows us how to do it naturally, the way nature intended.

The most powerful food and medicine on the planet is free and it’s growing right outside your door and around your neighborhood. Markus Rothkranz explains why wild local foods are a thousand times better than plain organic produce from a supermarket. If you truly want to stay young and never get sick again- EAT YOUR WEEDS! See HealthCures101 Website and for more information.


2 Responses to “Episode 0090- RVR- Reverse Aging with Markus Rothkranz”

  1. sarah sherman on May 13th, 2010 8:33 pm

    hello :)

    Markus Rothkranz is coming up to the area to do a few speaking engagements. I was wondering if there is any way possible to do some cross promotion? We scheduled the events on short notice and everything is helpful.

    Please feel free to call or email.
    Best regards,
    sarah sherman
    production executive
    408-796-2210 cell

  2. Robert on June 7th, 2010 4:06 am

    Thank you x 100!
    Great show, great shows
    Love from Poland

    So many hours listenig tuo your show in my mp3 driving to work!!!!
    It often gives me good mood and happiness!!

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