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September 17, 2010

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Episode 0097- RVR- Over 100 Years on Raw Food with Bernando LaPallo

September 8, 2010

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive extended interview with the longest thriving raw foodist on the planet, Bernando LaPallo.

You’ll Discover:
>>  The raw food regiment Dr. Bernardo has followed since he was 5 years old, leading to the ultimate longevity for a human being
>>  Bernardo’s Top 7 Favorite Foods
>>  How You Can Eliminate Wrinkles Forever without The Use of Cosmetics and Products!
>>  Secrets to Healing any Common Ailment
>>  Recipe ideas and Routine’s YOU can follow NOW to loss weight and Live a Long Life like Bernardo!

One of the world’s eldest health living health masters today, Dr. Bernando LaPallo was born August 17, 1901 in Victoria, Brazil. He lived in New York City for over 90 years and never been sick a day in his life. His father, an eminent physician, instilled in him (starting at age 4) timeless principles of ageless health which he practiced daily and faithfully to this day.

A retired Master Chef, podiatrist and herbalist, massage therapist and entrepreneur, he remains vibrantly active and lucid to this day, living proof of his teachings. He also authored the book: Age Less Live More. He has received media acclaim, including radio. An Arizona resident, he continues to speak, teach, and consult to clients from all over the world visit him personally or speak with him to learn his practical secrets to improve their lives, including his special “superfood” formulation he has been consuming daily for over 30 years.

Visit Bernardo’s website at