Episode 0099- RVR- Awakening Your Heart’s Wisdom with Russell Feingold

October 26, 2010

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with author Russell Feingold on how to awaken your heart’s wisdom.

You’ll find the way to:

>> Restore the energy, vitality, and playfulness of your youth

>> Discover what makes you truly happy and how to easily bring this energy back into your life

>> Feel authentic love, compassion, and appreciation for yourself and the world around you

>> Create genuine and real relationships that breathe love and hope back into your life

Russell Feingold is a master healer, transformational coach and author of Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Joyful Living and Loving. Recently noted in LA Weekly’s Best of LA for his Transformational Coaching, he is honored to give his best in service to the healing of hearts worldwide. Russell gently takes you by the hand to unwind the stress, tension, and fear that has prevented you from having the life you truly desire. Working with Russell Feingold will permanently excavate the hurt and suffering, replace your pain with peace, renew your sense of trust, reboot your ability to freely give and receive love, and inspire you to become excited about your life again.


Episode 0098- Raw Vegan Radio- Creating Healthy Children with Karen Ranzi

October 7, 2010

On today’s show, we present an exclusive interview with Karen Ranzi.

You’ll Discover:

>>  Keys to Eliminating the Cause of Illness and Keeping Our Families Disease-Free

>>  Tips for living in harmony with those who don’t share your eating habits

>>  Answers for Parents Striving Toward Raising Healthy Children

>>  Concepts of Attachment Parenting, Skin-to-Skin, and the Family Bed and its effects on raising healthy children

Karen Ranzi is the author of, Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods.

Karen is the Co­Founder of the non-profit organization, Health Liberties Network, which was organized to protect the freedoms of individuals and families in their health care choices. Karen has been the Coordinator of the New Jersey Raw Food Support Network from 2006 until present, and she led the Accent on Wellness raw lifestyle support group in Manhattan from 1996 to 2006. Karen found the natural path that enabled her son to heal from asthma, chronic ear infections and allergies. She has maintained a 100% raw vegan diet since 1994.