Episode 0109- RVR- Secrets for Inner Healing and Outer Beauty with Karyn Calabrese

April 5, 2011

Today we feature an exclusive interview with entrepreneur and author Karyn Calabrese.

Karyn reveals:
* the reason detoxification to important for reversing the aging process

* detoxification for people who eat healthy and exercise

* the benefits of adding more raw food to your diet

*Why Karyn’s program has been successful and achieved such mainstream appeal

Karyn Calabrese is a successful entrepreneur and popular holistic  health expert based in Chicago. She started on her journey of health after suffering from a host of allergies and ailments as a child.

In her 20¹s, she turned to natural solutions to improve her health, gradually transitioning from vegetarian to vegan to a complete raw  vegan diet. For the past 30 years, Karyn has been committed to taking care of her body and helping others to do the same.

In addition to a raw diet, she believes in regular detoxification and has developed a program that she teaches to hundreds of people a year in Chicago and  is now available in her debut book,  Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn.

Karyn’s business also includes 3 vegan restaurants, a holistic wellness center, and a line of all natural supplements, skin care and  makeup.  Karyn has enjoyed huge success as a health expert in the local and  national media including two appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show that featured age-defying women.

Karyn was awarded the First Annual  Raw and Living Foods Golden Branch Award in 2002 for introducing the  idea of raw and living foods to the greatest number of people in the  mainstream public.


Episode 0108- RVR-Plant-Based Bodybuilding with Robert Cheeke

March 24, 2011

On our latest show, we feature an exclusive interview with vegan bodybuilder, author, and motivational speaker Robert Cheeke.

You’ll Discover:

>> How to get started in an exercise program and achieve phenomenal results

>>  Supplementation-What do you need to build muscle, if anything

>>  Raw Food Bodybuilding Tips and Tricks

>> How to turn your passion into a career

Robert Cheeke, a whole-foods vegan since 1986, has been able to promote vegan bodybuilding on a worldwide stage through articles in FLEX Magazine, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Magazine, VegNews Magazine, dozens of other publications, and through his documentaries and websites. Being a vegan, he feels that he has a positive impact on the environment and society and believes that an animal-free diet is one of the best things you can do for your health. He eats a vast array of natural and organic foods that keeps his body fat percentage low, protein intake high, energy levels high, bones strong, and allows him to put on quality muscle. Founder and president of his own company, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness in 2002, Robert also directed and produced an award-winning documentary Vegan Fitness Built Naturally (2005) and was co-director and co-producer of the documentary Vegan Brothers in Iron scheduled for release in 2010. He spends his time traveling around North America speaking at various health, wellness, vegetarian, personal development, and fitness festivals. For more information about Robert please visit


Episode 0107 -RVR- Raw Food Transformation with Marcus Patrick and Brian Yonce

March 16, 2011

On today’s super-extended show, we feature two extraordinary interviews.  First, you’ll hear from actor and philosopher Marcus Patrick.  Next, we feature an interview with Brian Yonce, who literally saved his life eating raw foods less than a year ago!

You’ll Discover:

>>  The truth about societal control and how to break free of mind-control

>>  The most natural lifestyle and how to start living instead of stressing

>>  What’s going on in the raw food movement?  Do you really need to eat ants as some have said?

>>  The darker sides of being rich and why happiness does not come from money

Marcus Patrick is an Actor, Model, Martial Artist, TV Soap Star, Humanitarian and Raw Vegan Advocate.  His story is transforming.  Marcus has appeared in such American television series as “My Wife & Kids”, “CSI: Miami” and “All My Children”.  Find out more about Marcus Patrick on his webite at

In our second interview, we feature an exclusive interview with Brian Yonce.  Brian is a health crusader who has dropped over one hundred pounds and saved his life following a raw food diet.  You won’t want to miss his story!


The Top Five Lies the Raw Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

March 14, 2011

By Steve Prussack, MS:  Host of Raw Vegan Radio

Today, I am going to list the top 5 lies the raw food leaders don’t want you to think about or know.  Our upcoming articles will go more into detail, but for now, here they are:

1. You need to follow a raw food guru.

This misconception has been popular in the raw food community for years now. Many people have been following a raw food diet with significant results. Some of them have lost substantial amounts of weight. Others have cured themselves of a variety of ailments and disease. The problem is, some of these individuals have put themselves up on a pedestal, developed a website, and positioned themselves as a new leader to be followed.  I have seen it over and over again. Now the question is, what makes somebody a leader? Does simply following a raw food diet for a couple of years automatically make somebody an expert? Read more


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