Episode 0096- RVR- Getting The Love You Want with Dr. Harville Hendrix

August 25, 2010

On today’s show, we welcome the inspiring author and thought leader Dr. Harville Hendrix.

You’ll Discover:
>> What it means to have a Conscious Relationship
>> The theory behind “Imago” and how your childhood influences your current relationships
>> How to attract the right partner, rather than continue patterns that are not working
>> How nutrition has direct influence on your relationships
>> How patterns in your relationships will continue unless you make important changes (you won’t want to miss this part)

Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. is a Clinical Pastoral Counselor who is known internationally for his work with couples. He and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. cocreated Imago Relationship Therapy and developed the concept of “conscious partnership.” Their partnership and collaboration has resulted in nine books on intimate relationships and parenting.
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Episode 0095- RVR- Transform Your Life with Gary Null

July 29, 2010

On today’s show, an exclusive interview with the remarkable health expert Gary Null.

You’ll Discover:

**  How to find Balance in an Unbalanced World
**  The Truth about Human Relationships and what it means to Love
**  Using your Life Energy to transcend and Change the Earth
**  The power of being awake while those around you “don’t get it”

Time magazine called him “The New Mr. Natural.” My Generation magazine dubbed him one of the top health gurus in the United States. For over three decades, Gary Null has been one of the foremost advocates of alternative medicine and natural healing.
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Episode 0094- RVR- Finding Your Raw Beauty with Bryan Au

July 15, 2010

On today’s show we feature an exclusive interview with author and raw food chef Bryan Au.  Stay tuned to hear about lots of FREE giveaways on Raw Vegan Radio.

You’ll discover:
**  The incredible healing properties of raw foods
**  Quick and easy ways to prepare raw food recipes
**  How to transform your life and the world
**  Chances to WIN Huge Prizes on Raw Vegan Radio

Raw Vegan Chef Bryan Au has been raw organic vegan for 10 + years and his goal is to make the Raw Organic Vegan Diet mainstream to add more health, harmony, love and peace to our World. It is also the most eco green cuisine, fast, fun easy and delicious with Chef Bryan Au’s recipes and best selling RAW IN TEN MINUTES books and DVDs on which he has self published and produced.
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Episode 0093- RVR- Dispelling Raw Food Myths with Vesanto Melina

July 8, 2010

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with author and Registered Dietitian Vesanto Melina dispelling the myths of the Raw Food Diet.

In addition, we announce our latest contest—WIN a copy of the FIRST Raw Food App ever, Eco Chef by Bryan Au! Details are here. Also, don’t miss your chance to win FREE tickets to the summer’s hottest festival, Mystic Garden Party. Details are here.

You’ll discover:
**  Answers to the common myths surrounding the Raw Food Diet
** The best sources of Vitamin B12 and Protein following a Raw Food Diet
**  Do you need to be 100% Raw for the best benefits?
**  Menu planning ideas when eating a Raw Food Diet

Vesanto Melina is an internationally known nutrition consultant and speaker, academic instructor and writer, and has worked with the world’s most influential groups and organizations on human nutrition .
She has been based in Vancouver B.C. and in Seattle Washington and has taught nutrition on the faculty of the University of British Columbia and at Seattle’s Bastyr University. Speaking engagements and
consulting have taken her across North America, the U.K. and Europe. She is a regular consultant for the Government of British Columbia.

She is the author of “Becoming Raw”, “Raw Food Revolution”, “Raising Vegetarian Children”, “Food Allergy Survival Guide”, and many more.  Visit her website here to learn more about Vesanto.

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