Episode 0084-Raw Vegan Radio-Longevity Now with David Wolfe

November 19, 2009

We welcome David Wolfe to Raw Vegan Radio!  Join us ONLINE this weekend for the Longevity Now Event from Costa Mesa, California!  First day is FREE, so Sign up now at!

On today’s show, you’ll find out:
>>The Five Simple Secrets to Longevity!
>>Is there a need to Supplement a Raw Food Diet?
>>Connecting to the Earth:  How to Ground Spiritual
>>Using Power Plants to Raise Consciousness
>>Listener Questions Answered by David Wolfe!

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Episode 0083-Raw Vegan Radio-Science of Raw Food with Dr. Jim Carey

October 22, 2009

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with raw food advocate and educator, Dr. Jim Carey of

You’ll Discover:
>>The Dirty Little Secret in the Raw Food Movement
>>How the Ann Wigmore Lifestyle Differs from the Raw Food Movement
>>Juicing Versus Blending- Which is better?
>>How to have Massive Amounts of Energy your Entire Life!

Dr. Jim Carey, PhD, DD, of TheRawLife.Com has been a raw living foods advocate for seven years, ever since the Dr. Ann Wigmore program changed his life. He served as Director of Creative Health Institute for several years, and is a Trustee of the Creative Health Institute 501(c)-3 Non-Profit Trust.

Dr. Jim is currently doing an American television series about the raw vegan lifestyle, and lectures and teaches the lifestyle world-wide. He resides in rural Georgia, USA, where he loves to eat wild edibles, and travels extensively sharing the message of the raw living foods lifestyle.

Episode 0082-Raw Vegan Radio-Skinny Bitch with Rory Freedman

October 14, 2009

On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with #1 NY Times bestseller Skinny Bitch, Rory Freedman.

You’ll Discover:
>>How You can Live your Passion and Manifest your Dreams
>>Secrets to Inspiring MILLIONS with YOUR Lifestyle
>>The Importance of Living a Compassionate Lifestyle
>>How to Educate Others Without Sounding Like a “Know-It-All

With five books on the shelves, three million copies in print, translations in
twenty-seven languages, two years on the NY Times Best Seller List, and
numerous TV and radio appearances, she set out to bring veganism to
the masses. 

VegNews magazine named Rory their first ever “Person of the Year,” but
her biggest source of pride is being a vegan animal rights activist.

Episode 0081-Raw Vegan Radio- Creating a Peaceful World with Dr. Will Tuttle and Happy Oasis

September 17, 2009

On today’s show, we feature Dr. Will Tuttle discussing his critically-acclaimed book “The World Peace Diet”.  In addition, Happy Oasis joins us from the road to spread the philosophy of the Raw Spirit.

You’ll discover:

>>How to empower yourselves and others in making dietary choices that are powerful beyond what you can possibly imagine
>>Solution-oriented ways to confront the Planetary Crisis
>>How our food choices affect our environment and the future of our planet
>>The Philosophy of the Raw Spirit:  Its not just what we are eating that matters

Dr. Will Tuttle, acclaimed pianist, composer, educator, and author, has lectured and performed widely throughout North America and Europe. He received his doctorate in Education from the University of California, Berkeley, focused comprehensively on adult intuition development.

He has taught college courses in creativity, humanities, mythology, religion, and philosophy. He is a recipient of The Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award and is a Dharma Master in the Zen tradition. Devoted to cultural healing and awakening, he has created 7 much-loved CD albums of original piano music, and has written his ground-breaking book, The World Peace Diet.

He is noted for his clear and inspiring presentations that often include original piano music as well as evocative animal paintings by his wife, Madeleine, a visionary artist from Switzerland. See for more details.

Happy Oasis continues to be a support to the growth of Raw Vegan Radio.  She is a visionary artist spreading the word about the Raw Spirit Festival.

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