Episode 0065-Raw Vegan Radio-Roots Of The Raw Food Movement Revealed with Aris Latham

November 18, 2008

Today’s show features an exclusive interview with a true pioneer in the raw food movement, Aris Latham! You’ll discover the secrets to maintaining a healthy raw food diet in any climate! In addition, Aris shares his healthy living tips and tricks to live your life to the fullest! He is radiant and speaks from the heart! One of our best shows to date!
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Episode 0037-Raw Vegan Radio-Way Of The Raw Food Warrior with Viktoras Kulvinskas

July 21, 2007

Viktorus Kulvinskas Picture

On today’s show, we are proud to present an exclusive interview deep into the mind of health pioneer Viktoras Kulvinskas.

Viktoras Kulvinskas, this cutting-edge researcher, raw food pioneer, author of the health classic Survival Into The 21st Century, among several other bestsellers (more than a million Viktoras books have sold worldwide!), an illuminating authority on raw foods for forty years, founder of Hippocrates Health Institute with Ann Wigmore in the late 1960′s

Viktoras will delight us with his intriguing research into the value of living foods and plant enzymes. Viktoras is the director of the Survival Foundation. His articles feature in magazines and journals including “Vegetarian Voice,” “Vegetarian Times,” “Vegetarian World,” “Health Street Journal,” and “Alternatives.”

Viktoras discusses the power of our belief system, his insight into the year 2012, the possibility of immortality, the upcoming Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona, comparing fruitarian, sproutarian, vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan diets, and much more. For more information on Viktoras, please visit his website at

This episode is sponsored by the Raw Spirit Festival taking place on October 12th- October 14th in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Raw Vegan Radio is an official media sponsor of the Third Annual Raw Spirit Festival. Don’t miss your chance to join David Wolfe, Viktorus Kulvinskas, Victoria Boutenko, Dennis Kucinich and many, many raw food superheros! We hope to see you there!

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Episode 0032-Raw Vegan Radio- Raw and Juicing For Life with The Juiceman Jay Kordich

March 26, 2007

Juiceman Image
On today’s show, we feature an exclusive interview with the father of juicing and raw foods, Jay Kordich, The Juiceman

Jay Kordich is an advocate of health through the consumption of raw foods. He is the creator of the Juiceman and responsible for bringing juicing to America through television, based on sixty years of dedication, and is the direct protege of Dr. Norman W. Walker and Dr. Max Gerson, the doctors who brought the concept of juicing to the world.

In 1948, Jay “The Juiceman” Kordich contracted bladder cancer at twenty-five. A world class athlete and football star at USC, Jay travelled across the United States to New York City to get well by world-renowned medical doctor, Dr. Max Gerson, who helped Jay cure himself of bladder cancer through an all-juice diet . As a result, Jay’s life took a drastic turn for the better within only three months.

In 1989, Jay started his national television career, making appearances with his juicer, and by the end of 1990, Jay Kordich and juicing were widely known. His award winning infomercials aired for over thirteen years.

Jay Kordich placed the “Juiceman” name onto his own Juicers, which included the Juiceman, Juiceman II, and Juiceman Jr., which were priced competitively, and made available to consumers through infomericals, catalogs, and retail in the 1980s and 90′s.

His book, The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing reached #1 on the New York Time’s Best Seller List, selling over two million copies.

The Juiceman line of juicers are now being distributed by Salton, Inc. and are no longer endorsed by Kordich.

His second book, this time, co-written with his wife, Linda Kordich is entitled: Live Foods Live Bodies (complete raw food preparation book).

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Episode 0017-Raw Vegan Radio-The China Study Revealed with Dr. T. Colin Campbell

July 10, 2006

The China Study

T. Colin Campbell is a Cornell University professor and an outspoken vegan. He also authored The China Project, a series of academic papers intended to prove that the Chinese (particularly those who dont eat meat, or rather cant afford it) have a healthier diet than Americans.

Raised on a dairy farm, Campbell is now an anti-milk activist as well, arguing — despite a lack of scientific consensus on the subject and a paucity of evidence — that milk causes early-onset puberty in young girls.

Our exclusive interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell includes topics such as the nutritional findings of the “China Study”, the need for vitamin B-12 in vegan and raw vegan diets, the health benefits of the raw vegan diet as compared to the vegan diet, and if our diet choices can reduce risk of disease.


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