Happy Days Come To Raw Vegan Radio

June 25, 2008

Steve Prussack with Cathy SilversI had the opportunity to meet and interview one of the stars of the hit 70’s comedy sitcom, Happy Days. A great time and experience, Cathy Silvers is an inspiration to anyone considering or following a raw foods diet. We are getting the shows out quicker now, and many guests are lined up at this point. Our next show features an inspiring interview with Pitir, The Wheatgrass Messiah (featured in many of the Sproutman books). You can expect to hear this new show within the next few days. Steve Prussack will be out of the studio for the 4th of July but enjoy the plethora of shows and we will be back before you know it! Raw Vegan Radio with MORE shows, MORE often!

Steve Prussack with Little Moon Essentials

David Wolfe Spreads The Magic On Raw Vegan Radio

June 19, 2008

Steve Prussack with David WolfeThe first time we interviewed David Wolf (Season One of Raw Vegan Radio), we conducted the interview over the telephone. Our latest interview was recorded live and in person and what a difference that makes. David’s energy was mesmerizing and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with him. This interview was videotaped, so look for Raw Vegan Radio interviews to be featured on “YouTube” in the very near future.

Raw Woman Rock Raw Vegan Radio!

April 15, 2008

Louise Hay Our next episode of Raw Vegan Radio features an exclusive interview with Louise Hay (author of “You Can Heal Your Life”) and Rainbeau Mars (Nationally-known Yoga Instructor and Raw Food Enthusiast, Featured on the cover of David Wolf’s “Eating For Beauty). I had the good fortune of meeting with both of these beautiful woman for live, in-person interviews.

Louise Hay will teach you how you can transform your life using positive affirmations while Rainbeau Mars shares deep wisdom and insight on the raw food diet including how she achieved great success in the “mainstream” world. Both inspiring and enlightening interviews…This special episode of Raw Vegan Radio will be “on-the-air” within the next week, so stay tuned. Sign up on our mailing list to keep informed!

We are about to release the Raw Vegan Radio Interview Series E-books, which features transcripts of our most popular episodes! They are only $5 each and are great tools for reference and building your health research library. Stay tuned for more details! Rainbeau Mars

Last Stop- Cafe Gratitude and A Fantastic NEW Raw Cartoon

March 31, 2008

Cafe GratitudeMy last stop in San Francisco was the fabulous “Cafe Gratitude”. I have heard many great things about this raw food restaurant and was able to stop in for breakfast. The menu features items named as affirmations, such as “I am Special”, “I am Charismatic”, “I am Healthy”.

The concept of the restaurant revolves around a board game (developed by the owner) which introduces people to an unfamiliar view of BEING ABUNDANCE. It encompasses both training people in a day to day practice as well as discovering a Spiritual foundation that opens up to a whole new way of looking at money and resources. People experience themselves being at the source of unlimited supply.

I didn’t get to play the game (due to time constraints), but I did sample the “Cherry Garcia Smoothie” and “Raw Cinnamon Rolls”. Both were incredible and delicious. The restaurant has a great vibe and is now up there as one of my favorite raw food restaurants in the country. Stop by if you are in the San Fran area (I heard from the manager they are going to be opening a 4th location in Los Angeles—!!!!).

I have returned home which means…YES. The shows are coming back. Look for our David Icke episode in the next couple of days…I will be hard at work editing and producing. In the meantime, I am currently among the cast in a raw food cartoon produced and written by Gilmo Entertainment.

See below (written by the director Ron Gilmore)

The short animated film “The Adventures of Rawman and Green-Girl” which was produced by Ron Gilmore and shown at the 2008 Raw Lifestyle Film Festival can now be seen on You Tube.

Go to
The film features the voices of Tonya Kay as Green-Girl and Steve Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio as the Chief.

Ron Gilmore

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