Episode 0074-Raw Vegan Radio-Low-Fat Raw Foods with Frederic Patenaude

June 1, 2009

Today we feature an exclusive interview with Frederic Patenaude discussing the benefits of lowering your fat while eating a raw food diet.

We’ll shows you:

>>>The Raw Truth about different variations on the raw food diet
>>>The concept behind following a low-fat raw food diet
>>>Physical, spiritual, mental changes on raw food
>>>Delicious, simple, low-fat raw food entrees that ANYONE can create
>>>Sample diet plans

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Episode 0066-Raw Vegan Radio-Fighting Cancer Naturally with Kris Carr

December 18, 2008

This episode features an exclusive interview with award-winning actress, best-selling author, filmmaker and subject of the uplifting documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, Kris Carr.

You’ll learn the truth about how Kris was able to restore balance in her body WITHOUT medical treatment after receiving the diagnosis of cancer.  This episode is inspiring, motivating, and uplifting.
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Episode 0058-Raw Vegan Radio-Living Magically with Karen Knowler

August 11, 2008

Karen Knowler PicToday we welcome Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach, back to Raw Vegan Radio.

Karen shares with us the keys to living magically, overall development through raw foods, how to manifest your dreams, and the tools to simple eating. Karen is sharing her magical journey on her new blog LIVING MAGICALLY

Karen is a raw food lifestyle coach and former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK’s Raw and Living Foods organisation. With 15 years of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods for a decade.
Co-author of Feel-Good Food and author of the forthcoming Raw Food for Beginners, Karen has lectured around the world, has been seen by over 6 million viewers live on national TV, appears frequently in the national press and has coached and worked with people from all backgrounds including well-known celebrities. Within the raw food movement Karen’s most powerful work includes the development of a unique set of “Raw Coaching Models” which outline the raw food journey inside and out and which form the basis of all Karen’s work.


Episode 0056-Raw Vegan Radio-Is Raw Food The Healthiest Diet with Brigitte Mars

July 23, 2008

Brigitte MarsOn today’s show we feature exclusive interview with Rod Rotondi from Leaf Cuisine, Michael Anderson, director of the ground-breaking film “Eating”, and raw food author and herbalist Brigitte Mars (Rawsome!).

Rod Rotondi is a raw food chef and owner of Leaf Cuisine, a certified organic raw food restaurant that first sprouted in Culver City and has since grown to include a Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood location. The Marina del Rey resident adheres to a raw food for real people philosophy, keeping his menu items affordable and offering regular cooking classes so diners can take their health into their own hands.

Michael Anderson is a filmmaker and author of the groundbreaking film “Eating”. He has inspired millions of people to choose a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant who has been working with natural medicine for more than thirty years. She teaches herbal medicine through Esalen, the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and the Naropa Institute. She is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. She is the author of several books, including Rawsome, Sex, Love & Health, Addiction-Free Naturally, Herb for Healthy Skin & Nails, and Dandelion Medicine.


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