Win F*REE Tickets to the Raw Spirit Festival!

We are giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Raw Spirit Festival taking place in Prescott, Arizona September 24 to 26th 2010.  Do you want to win a pair?  Here’s how to enter!  Contest ends on September 21, 2010!

For your chance to win, simply help us to spread the word about the festival to your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter!  Post something similar to the example below on your page, take a screenshot, and email it to us for your chance to win!  That’s it~!

Example Twitter or Facebook Status Post

“Thanks to Raw Vegan Radio, I may be going to the Raw Spirit Festival in September.  Want to join me?  Visit and you’ll have a chance to win too!”

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The Raw Spirit Festival will be hosting a three-day educational & inspirational celebration at the spectacular Watson Lake Park, in the Granite Dells of Prescott, September 24 - 26th. This community event features two main performance stages - Lake and Meadow - with uplifting musical performers and dynamic health-eco-peace research presenters amidst stunningly-beautiful natural backdrops. In addition, the Cliffside Rejuvenation Area, featuring an eclectic array of yoga, chi kung, tai chi, pranayama, poetry, prayers, meditation and beyond, is perched atop the lakeside cliff with panoramic vistas of the surreal jagged lake, it’s sheer-rock shores and many islands. Delicious, nutritious organic live food demos and tastings are in the Hilltop Pagoda with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains. Plus, enjoy acoustic music areas, spontaneous sharing circles, dancing, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, healing and massage areas, kids’ program, quiet temple space, Native American program, organic farmers’ market, and an exciting display of innovative vendors with a focus on healthy living-eco-art-science-music-spirit-peace including the world’s largest organic gourmet raw vegan restaurant court.

Click here for official rules and regulations.