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April 15, 2008

Louise Hay Our next episode of Raw Vegan Radio features an exclusive interview with Louise Hay (author of “You Can Heal Your Life”) and Rainbeau Mars (Nationally-known Yoga Instructor and Raw Food Enthusiast, Featured on the cover of David Wolf’s “Eating For Beauty). I had the good fortune of meeting with both of these beautiful woman for live, in-person interviews.

Louise Hay will teach you how you can transform your life using positive affirmations while Rainbeau Mars shares deep wisdom and insight on the raw food diet including how she achieved great success in the “mainstream” world. Both inspiring and enlightening interviews…This special episode of Raw Vegan Radio will be “on-the-air” within the next week, so stay tuned. Sign up on our mailing list to keep informed!

We are about to release the Raw Vegan Radio Interview Series E-books, which features transcripts of our most popular episodes! They are only $5 each and are great tools for reference and building your health research library. Stay tuned for more details! Rainbeau Mars


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